Who are EFLM Young Scientists?

EFLM Task Group Young Scientists (TG-YS) is a coordination framework that puts together young scientists, residents, all young professionals in laboratory medicine and related disciplines and from IVD companies from all EFLM functional units and EFLM countries. The main activities of TG-YS are:

  • raising awareness of young scientists in laboratory medicine
  • building a communication network of young scientists and laboratory professionals in Europe
  • facilitate professional and scientific exchange of young scientists, e.g., through EFLMLabX exchange program
  • regular reporting about the activities of mother EFLM functional units and home countries in EFLM communication channels (Newsletter, social media, website)
  • creative contributions promoting EFLM activities, laboratory medicine and laboratory specialists using innovative ways and formats
  • organizing virtual and face to face social, scientific and educational meetings to share experience and foster collaboration among young scientists
  • actively participating on events organized by EFLM
  • inspiring EFLM functional units with topics relevant for young scientists
  • establishment of „EFLM Young Laboratory Medicine Professional Award“ for extraordinary contribution to the field of Laboratory Medicine. Nominated can be a broad range of activities including scientific publication, education, popularization or innovation in clinical laboratory

All activities will be done in close cooperation with EFLM mother functional units and home countries and are coordinated with Communication Committee.